How many Modules are in Scratch? 10 Modules and 150+ blocks!

How Many Modules Are in Scratch

There are 10 modules within Scratch, including “Motion”, “Event”,” Looks”, “Sound”, “Control”, “Sensing”, “Operation”, “Pen”, “Variables” and “My blocks”.Scratch contains code owned by most traditional programming languages. It can make products with many functions. Let’s take a look at these modules Motion Module The “Motion Blocks” allow the character to move and rotate. At the […]

Why Scratch has 3 versions? Which should I choose? How can I install it?

Which Version of Scratch Should We Choose

Versions of Scratch Scratch has three major versions, 1.4, 2.0, and 3.0. Version 1.4Developed with Smalltalk. The makefile suffix is “sb” Version 2.0Flash and ActionScript are used for development. Flash is a multimedia software platform, which was very popular at the beginning of the century. It was used to make small games and animations. With […]

Programming always requires Math? Not always! Try Scratch!

Does Coding Need Math

Many people have heard that “people who learn to program need clear logic and reasoning ability, so they should be good at mathematics”. At the same time, some people say that not knowing mathematics will not affect programming. Does coding need math? No, mathematics is not necessary for programming. However, there is a correlation between […]

A 3-Year-Old Can Learn Programming? Get to know about the age limit of Scratch.

Does Scratch Have an Age Limit

Scratch is designed especially for young people ages 6 to 16, but people of all ages can create with Scratch and share projects with each other. But the best age for learning Scratch is 6-16. Mainly because of the characteristics of this programming language: 1.    No need to know English letters 2.    The programming is […]

All about the top Scratcher – Who is Griffpatch?

Who Is the Most Famous Scratcher

Since everyone can upload their own works to Scratch, we have a lot of scratchmakers now. Every year there is a ranking of scratchmakers. Here is the latest “Most Followed Scratchers ” ranking. Today, this article will introduce the TOP.1 Scratcher to you. Who is Griffpatch? Griffpatch’s real name is Andrew Griffin. He is a […]

Can you imagine they all studied programming? Programming can make technology celebrities.

Programming Makes Technology Celebrities

Many celebrities, especially the founders of famous Internet companies, have learned programming since childhood. Let’s take a look at some well-known celebrities. Mark Zuckerberg Everyone knows him, right? The founder of Facebook. His father was a supporter of the early digital era. Influenced by his father, he had access to computers at an early age […]

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