Can you imagine they all studied programming? Programming can make technology celebrities.


Many celebrities, especially the founders of famous Internet companies, have learned programming since childhood. Let’s take a look at some well-known celebrities.

Mark Zuckerberg


Everyone knows him, right? The founder of Facebook. His father was a supporter of the early digital era. Influenced by his father, he had access to computers at an early age and became obsessed with programming at the age of 10.

Steve Jobs​

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Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, has a famous saying that every programmer knows: “Everyone should learn how to code because it teaches you how to think.”

He believes that everyone should spend one-year learning programming. He believes that it is not necessary to let children learn difficult code by programming. And learning programming isn’t necessarily a way to land a particularly high-paying job in the future. Learning programming is a way to teach children how to think.

Elon Reeve Musk

When Musk was 10 years old, he had his first computer with the help of his father. At that time, the merchant randomly gave him a BASIC programming book, so he began to learn programming.
Two years later, Musk designed a space game and earned his first money in life: 500 dollars.
Now, Tesla has become a company that many people want to join. You can pay attention to the recruitment requirements of the Tesla AI team: “I don’t care if you graduate from high school, but you must be good at programming.”

Bill Gates

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Bill Gates began to learn about computer knowledge at the age of 13. He was very smart and soon wrote a program about Gobangs. According to the interview, his biggest hobby is programming.

Li Kaifu

Li Kaifu began to learn programming when he was ten years old. When he grew up, he received a doctor’s degree in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University, and later served as an associate professor. He is the only Chinese person who has served as an executive at Apple, Microsoft, and Google. I think this is probably because he started learning programming when he was 10 years old.
These celebrities have known and learned programming since childhood, but not all of them become programmers when they grow up.However, programming has cultivated their observation, imagination, creativity, logical thinking ability, spatial thinking and judgment ability to solve problems. I think it helps them become Internet celebrities.
Therefore, learning programming is not about becoming a programmer, but about learning a kind of computational thinking. This kind of computational thinking integrates mathematics, logic, and algorithms, and teaches you to think about the world in a new way so that you can become a person who will not be eliminated in the era of Artificial Intelligence.
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