All about the top Scratcher – Who is Griffpatch?


Since everyone can upload their own works to Scratch, we have a lot of scratchmakers now.

Every year there is a ranking of scratchmakers. Here is the latest “Most Followed Scratchers ” ranking.

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Today, this article will introduce the TOP.1 Scratcher to you.

Who is Griffpatch?

Griffpatch’s real name is Andrew Griffin.

He is a famous Scratcher and he has the most followers on Scratch. He is also known for designing incredible projects on Scratch.

On 24th October 2012, Griffpath joined Scratch. According to his introcution on Youtube, he learned about coding when he was a kid. And now his main job is as a Java programmer. He designs games on Scratchin his spare time.

Griffpatch's childhood

When Griffpatch was 8, he learned BBC Basic on Acorn Electron. Then with the help of his mom, Griffpatch learned a lot of knowledge about Basic Language. He designed his first game when he was 13 years old. At that time, he was able to use Amiga A500 to make games. However, he could not publish the game because there was no internet at that time.

At university, he studied Computer Science. Then he started to learn various programming languages like Ada, C, Java and Prologs. During his university study time, he had a large audience for his games, so he wrote his own graphics package (Pascal + Assembly), for the first time , he created a network game called “Shipfat” which became very popular in PC Labs.

Griffpatch with Scratch

In 2011, Griffpatch’s older son’s school planned to start a computer club. They were going to introduce Scratch. At that time, he started to learn Scratch. Griffpatch downloaded Scratch1.4 and taught his son some basic knowledge. Also, Griffpatch created a shared account called ‘Griffpatch’.

Then he started designing projects on Scratch (1.4 Offline Editor). Now, he has made a lot of famous games. He has completed more than 100 famous projects. Let’s see what are the most popular games.

What games did Griffpatch make?

Fish not included v0.3 by griffpatch.

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  • Appel v1.4 by Griffpatch.
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  • Massive Multiplayer Platformer v1.3 by griffpatch.
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Level EATEN!

image 6 v1.13 (#3) by griffpatch.

image 7

Griffpatch’s Blue Line Filter by griffpatch.
The Luckiest Scratcher v1.0 by griffpatch.
These games are quite famous among ScratchMakers.

Griffpatch mades extensions for Scratch​

In 2016, he also made box2d extension for Scratch 2.0. Three years later, in 2019, Griffpatch made another extension of box2d for Scratch3.0. He also made a browser extension for Scratch3.0 called Scratch 3 Developer Tools which is a great tool that helps to search for Scratch blocks!

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