Game-Based Coding

CampusTop aims to dissolve boundaries, amplify potential, and nurture the innovators and leaders of the future. Making learning addictive with a game-based approach for kids ages 4-13.

Each Student, the Hero

At CampusTop, each and every student is the protagonist of his or her own coding journey.
Our teaching allows us to customize each lesson and provide personalized mentorship that meets each student’s unique set of needs.

We believe that learning to code at a young age has the power to break barriers, open new doors, and change lives. Coding education for kids not only teaches the programming knowledge needed to succeed in today’s technology-driven economy, but it equips children with a broad range of skills and abilities that will help them succeed in any field.

Why CampusTop

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Reason 1

Small Group Lesson

With our Small Group Live Classes, young learners will benefit from a consistent learning environment featuring a fixed teacher, fixed schedule, and fixed group of class.

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Reason 2

Game-Based coding

We detach coding from its complex concepts and web of logic and transform it into a thrilling adventure where young minds can embark on riveting quests, solve intriguing puzzles, and let their imagination run loose.
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Reason 3

Professional Teachers

Our teachers at CampusTop are more than just educators; they are specialists dedicated to understanding every student’s unique needs.
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About the Scratch

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Scratch was born in 1967 and has a 56-year history. It is a visual programming tool developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

It is now children’s programming software that attracts the most users and has the highest learning efficiency.

Children without programming experience can love it at a glance and happily create their own programs in  the software.

As a professional institution dedicated to Scratch’s research and education, CampusTop has accumulated 6 years of relevant experience, which is the most reliable guarantee of our trust in parents.

Let's Learn Coding


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Kinder course

It is based on Computer Science Teachers Association K12 Computer Science Standards (CSTA-K12 CS), the K12 stage computer science standard published by the American Association of Computer Science Teachers.

Its purpose is to help K12 teachers and parents understand the basic rules and characteristics of the learning and development of children and to determine reasonable expectations for their growth.

Ages              Around 4yrs to 6 yrs                 
Schedule      48 weeks/level                           
Duration       30 mins/class                             
Level              Level 1 and Level 2 (2 levels)   

Scratch course

Scratch is a scientific graphical programming system suitable for children.

Children will start with the basic logic to develop their interests and potential in programming.

Throughout the project practices, their learning outcomes will be proven, which offers them solid abilities in logical thinking, innovation, and problem-solving.

Ages              Around 7 yrs to 13 yrs           
Schedule      24 weeks/level                        
Duration       60 mins/class                          
Level              Level 1 to Level 4 (4 levels)   

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Skills You will Learn

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Creative thinking

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Mathematical thinking

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Logical thinking

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Communication ability

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Presentation ability

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Zyrish Noellie Noble _ Campustop review
" The teacher's manner of teaching is so wonderful and refreshing! She's patient and supportive, but really knows how to motivate her students. She's great at building confidence and keeping lessons fun and engaging through a variety of activities.


Zyrish Noellie Noble
From parents
Anjebel Culas _ Campustop review
" My child really enjoys his coding class because it's game-based learning. He's learning and the same time having fun. I noticed a big improvement in his math skills. Thank you CampusTop Coding!


Anjebel Culas
From parents
Annaliza Ompalid _ Campustop review
" I didn't know studying coding could be learned in an easy and fun way! The teachers are experts in their field. The price is okay and the lessons are interactive. Overall, I am very satisfied with CampusTop Coding courses.


Annaliza Ompalid
From parents




/ month

Now $459 one-time payment
Per level

Scratch 1-4


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Now $419 one-time payment
Per level

How to start

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Book a Free Trial Lesson


Download the application to your device


Log in and have the class at the scheduled time


Begin private sessions with a full-time tutor


Get homework assignments and class feedback weekly


The first step is to register your child’s details on our website. Once registered, we will give you a call to discuss our coding program, learn about your child or teen, and assist with arranging your child’s trial lesson.

CampusTop Coding is an online learning service that teaches kids the basic concepts of computer coding through block-based programming through its own platform, the CampusTop Coding app.

Our headquarters is located at 10 ANSON ROAD,#27-18,INTERNATIONAL PLAZA,SINGAPORE(079903).
Our CSR office is located at 7F Skyrise 4, IT Park, Cebu City, Philippines.

We have a curriculum built around visual & block-based programming, specifically, Scratch.

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