In the future 50 years, if your children understand programming, they will become excellent talents. If not, they will be just users.


With the development of science and technology, programming learning is also the trend of globalization. More and more parents are beginning to expose their children to learning programming. In recent years, many parents have signed up for their children to learn to program. Many parents know that learning programming has great benefits for children, but do not know what the specific role of programming is. We know that the future is the era of artificial intelligence, and the emergence of artificial intelligence will replace most occupations in today’s society.

Why is the ability to program so important for children?

Programming improves learning performance

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Many children feel bored when learning math because math is a subject that uses symbolic language to study concepts such as quantity, structure, change, and spatial models. It is abstract, which tests the children’s logical reasoning ability, and also tests the children’s meticulous thinking. Programming can often help children visualize abstract concepts, let them apply mathematics to the real world, and make mathematics interesting and creative

Programming improves writing ability

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In the process of writing code, a flow chart is indispensable. The children need to form a flow framework in advance, and the process of summarizing the complex article content into a clear flow chart, which is a very useful exercise for the children’s abstract and inductive ability. After long-term reading accumulation, children will summarize the reading content and comb through the writing framework in advance to improve their writing ability.

Programming improves creativity

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Divergent thinking is the most important thinking of a creator. Divergent thinking is the ability to deduce multiple answers from one or several known conditions. This ability can be exercised through exercise and systematic training. Through experimental learning, children strengthen their brain’s thinking of seeking differences when coding, so that they have their own creativity.

Programming improves confidence and builds confidence

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In the process of programming, children will continue to encounter problems. When they encounter problems, they solve them by seeking methods and external help. The children have improved their problem-solving abilities from this process.

Programming changes focus and attention


When children need to write more complex code, they will naturally improve their attention to prevent errors, because even if a symbol is missing during programming, the program will not work, so children must maintain high concentration.

The promotion of programming to the team

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A person’s ability is limited. Only by working together can we achieve the goal better. Children work together to help each other to enhance friendship through interaction and learn how to use the power of the team to solve problems.

Improvement of communication ability by programming

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Children who learn to program are undoubtedly important for communication. They need to communicate logically with code and express their thoughts and problems. This process can help children improve their oral and written skills.

Can learning English really become a translator? The answer is no.

Learning computer science is not to become a typist. Learning English is only because it is a necessary language for the world, and learning computer operation is also because it is a necessary skill to master at work. Therefore, learning to program is not to become a programmer, but to master a basic life skill in the future.

It seems that learning programming is becoming more and more important, and its importance will become more obvious in the future. As a parent of your child, have you given full consideration to letting your child learn to program?

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