Rsing stars in Programming among children!


In the past, people thought that programming was a computer language used by adults, but now, you must have heard of “children’s programming“.

However, some parents believe that this is the anxiety that the market deliberately creates for parents. Is this a fact?

No, many smart children in the world have achieved success through programming.

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Thomas Suarez

The 12-year-old genius programmer is known as the “young Jobs“. He not only knows Python, Java, and C.

He also developed the famous iPhone application “Bustin Jieber”(making fun of the famous star “Justin Bieber”)

He also founded his own company, CarrotCorp.

Tanmay Bakshi

Indian Canadian programmer – Tanmay Bakshi.

Tanmay Bakshi has many courses of his own, such as programming language and basic science. His simple and easy-to-understand explanations have won widespread praise from netizens.

But you know what? Tanmay Bakshi is only 16 years old!

He started teaching programming when he was 7 years old. He has 330000 fans. His teaching method is simple, straightforward, and easy to understand. While writing on the whiteboard, he sometimes speaks like an adult.

Not only that, at the age of 14, he also discovered the vulnerability of IBM Waston, was awarded the title of “Honorary Advisor of Cloud Computing” by IBM, and became the youngest programmer of IBM.

At the age of 14, Bakshi officially got an offer from IBM and became the youngest programmer in IBM’s history.

Wang Zhengyang: China's youngest "hacker"

When Wang Zhengyang started playing on the computer, he was only 8 years old.

When he was 13 years old, he found a system flaw in the 360 library tape plan. He fed the news back to 360, which was known by CEO Zhou Hongyi and praised him.

Guo Wenjing

As a 16-year-old boy, Guo Wenjing was admitted to Harvard University in advance.

Guo Wenjing’s mother is a software engineer. Influenced by her mother, she became interested in informatics in the sixth grade of primary school.

Tang Meijie, the interviewer of Harvard University’s undergraduate alumni, interviewed Guo Wenjing and praised her endlessly.


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Obama’s two daughters learned programming at the age of 2. However, Obama thinks that his daughter started too late. He thinks they should learn how to program when learning letters. He also made a speech, urging all American children to learn to program.

Now is the era of artificial intelligence. Children may work with robots in the future. How can they not know how to use programming languages? Programming language is the language of communication between humans and computers, and it will also be one of the most important languages in the future.

I do believe that computer science will be an essential skill for the future generation.

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