Is Programming Equal to Coding? No, It Is a Skill for Us to Better Integrate into the Future of AI.


Programming is becoming the new universal language in the world.

With the rapid development of information technology, children’s programming is becoming more and more popular.

In the future, children will spend more time with machines than we do now.

As a way of communication between human beings and computers, programming languages are similar to the languages of communication between people. The earlier you learn programming knowledge, the better you can master it in the future.

Programming ≠ Coding


The goal is to help children develop a programming mindset.

Children do not learn programming to become programmers when they grow up.

Through programming, students can not only learn how to communicate with computers but also learn programming thinking.

At the same time, you will find that programming is effective at helping children build self-critical awareness.

However, there are two obstacles to children’s programming education:

It’s too difficult for children to learn.

Learning programming is too expensive.

Some suggestions for parents

Interest is the most important.

No interest is suitable for everyone, and so is programming. The basis for children to learn programming is that they are interested and willing to try.

No quick success in learning programming.

Learning programming will not have an immediate effect. For many children, programming can help them train their logical thinking and cultivate their creativity and problem-solving ability. But all this takes time.

You can try online courses.

If you want children to have a systematic understanding of programming and see what their interests are, parents can find some online training courses to learn. Children can learn at home, which can save time picking them up and sending them to school. The key is that the price is not expensive.

How to choose online courses

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Whether there is a complete curriculum system that can enable children to continue systematic learning.

Can this course be related to other disciplines?
Children don’t have much time after school. If they can integrate mathematics, logic, geometry, physics, and other knowledge into programming learning, it can greatly improve the cost performance of learning.

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