Does My Child Need a Coding Teacher to Learn Programming?


Perhaps you’ve arrived here after scouring the internet for educational coding resources for your child. As a parent eager to get your child started on their coding journeys, you may be wondering, “does my child really need a coding teacher to learn programming?” With an abundance of free resources, YouTube videos, online teaching programs, and apps out there, it may be difficult to see the need for an individual teacher. However, the answer to the question is much more nuanced and depends on various factors. Let’s explore the role of coding teachers and discover how your child can effectively and efficiently learn to code.

Independent Exploration: The Case For and Against Self-Driven Study

Self-driven study entails individual exploration and learning. We will walk you through the pros and cons of each learning methods.

Pro: Encourages Self-Reliance

Perhaps the strongest case for self-studying, independent learning is perhaps the most effective way to help children develop self-reliance and resourcefulness. Can’t solve a problem? It is up to the student to exhaust the resources they have available to find a solution. The internet has afforded even the youngest students with ample support for self-learners. This process boosts self-confidence and resilience as students learn to tackle challenges head-on.

Pro: Flexibility and Creativity

Without a teacher, children are free to explore the world of coding on their terms. They have flexibility in terms of time and method. They are not bound by lesson time and can delve into their coding studies when they feel most motivated and productive. Young children are encouraged to think creatively and develop their own, unique coding projects. Self-directed learning empowers children to take charge of their own education. Children have the freedom to follow their passions, keeping them interested and motivated in the long run.

Con: Self-Motivation

Keeping oneself motivated and accountable is the most important yet most difficult part of self-directed learning. It can even be difficult for adults, so it is asking a lot for a young child to keep him or herself motivated and on track, especially in a world full of enticing distractions.   

Con: Knowing Where to Start

As mentioned above, the abundance of resources (especially free) that has resulted from the rapid advancement of technology is, without a doubt, positive. However, with a marketplace full of websites, games, apps, platforms, and videos, it is increasingly difficult to discern the accuracy of the material. It is hard to figure out where and how to start your child’s coding journey, especially for parents who themselves may not have much programming experience.

A Guiding Hand: The Case For and Against having a Coding Teacher

While some children may be naturally drawn to coding, others may find it daunting and less than accessible. Having a trained, experienced teacher can make a significant difference in your child’s coding journey.

Pro: Guided Learning for Solid Foundations

When a child learns coding under the guidance of a knowledgeable, nurturing teacher, they benefit from structured lessons and a clear learning path. A coding teacher can shine a light on the seemingly dark scary route to coding mastery by translating complex coding concepts into understandable bits. They can help children avoid common pitfalls and answer any questions they may have to keep the fire of curiosity alive and well. The right coding teacher serves as the guiding hand, the irreplaceable mentor that helps your child build an unshakable foundation in programming.

Pro: Personalization and Care

Coding teachers can provide personalized lessons specifically constructed to meet your child’s unique needs. They can ensure that student receives the necessary personal attention and customized feedback that helps children grasp core concepts and overcome issues. This method promotes healthy progression as students better understand their strengths and can effectively identify areas of improvement. Furthermore, the right coding teacher is highly sensitive to each student’s strengths, weaknesses, learning habits, and backgrounds. They have a well of experience, training, and knowledge to draw from as they engage with each individual student in a manner that maximizes their learning.

Con: Rigid Schedules

While self-directed learning offers maximum flexibility, learning with a coding teacher lacks such flexibility. Lessons are often scheduled on a weekly basis and depending on the teacher’s schedule, it may be difficult to reschedule sessions if something were to come up. Though a teacher will do his or her best to meet their students’ scheduling needs, time is finite; it may simply be impossible to change the set schedule.

Con: The Investment

When compared to self-driven study, working with a coding teacher can require a greater investment in multiple facets. First, there is the financial investment: on average, coding teachers cost more than online resources as there is a greater cost involved for human capital. Then there is a serious investment in time and effort. It is not just about the lack of scheduling flexibility, but finding the right coding class and the right coding teacher takes time and effort. It requires significant involvement from parents as they ought to read reviews, visit classes, and interview potential teachers to ensure the best learning experience for their child.

What to Look for in a Coding Teacher

Choosing the right coding teacher for your child is a major decision that can have a major impact on your child’s coding journey. Here, we share the 10 unmissable attributes parents should look for in a coding teacher for young children.

The Ideal Approach: Balancing Guidance and Independence

The key to effective coding education lies in finding a balance between guided learning with a coding teacher and independent exploration. Through our considerable experience as coding teachers, we are thoroughly convinced that every child should start their coding journeys with a coding teacher. Starting their coding education on the right path is crucial. The right coding teacher can help lay a solid foundation upon which your child will build up their knowledge. They can provide a guiding hand for your child as they grapple with new coding concepts and infuse him or her with an unfading sense of fun and curiosity.

With the power of the internet right at your fingertips, it would be irresponsible for educators and parents to completely ignore the treasure trove of knowledge available online. Self-directed study and studying with a coding teacher do not need to be mutually exclusive. Rather, we recognize all the incredible benefits that self-learning provides. Therefore, we encourage our students to explore coding independently in their free times. By accessing online resources, watching tutorials, and playing coding games, children can not only apply and improve upon the skills taught in class, but they can let their imaginations run free as they openly explore the world of coding on his or her own terms.

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