Why Does Your Child like ‘MineCraft’? Is This Helpful for Children’s Learning Knowledge?


In 2009, Minecraft was officially born.

“Minecraft” is a sandbox video game, which was created by Markus Persson.

A world that is dynamically generated by many blocks


Minecraft focuses on letting players explore, interact and change a world that is dynamically generated by many blocks. In addition to the box, the environment also includes animals, plants, and objects. The content of the game includes, but is not limited to, collecting minerals, fighting hostile creatures, and collecting various resources in the game to synthesize new blocks and tools.

At first, people thought the Minecraft screen was too simple, and the playing method was boring and time-consuming. It was not until 2015 that people gradually came into contact with this game and found that there were players from primary and middle school students everywhere. Whether it’s a live game or a commentary video, I feel that any child on the roadside may be a Minecraft expert.

Players all know that Minecraft has a high degree of freedom. In addition to the game modes existing in the original world, there are also various game modules, making the game’s playing methods numerous. This advantage also makes other games incomparable. Even if someone imitates or even plagiarizes, it is difficult to achieve this level!

Why do primary school students like Minecraft so much?


1.Children have low standards for game pictures. The video games played by adults are cool and real. In Minecraft, the picture is abstract and friendly to children.

2.Nowadays, children like to entertain themselves alone. They can play various roles in Minecraft, build their own world, and live with small animals. It’s very interesting.

3.Children have active thinking and rich creativity. With their creativity, they can develop their own models and build their own world. The game is full of infinite possibilities.

4.As a sandbox game, the playing method is not limited to “survival” or simple “creation”. Players can spend a lot of time and energy creating any world they want, which is simply a kind of enjoyment for energetic children.

5.The update frequency of the game is quite high. It has to be said that Minecraft is really fast to update, and there is a lot of content updated each time. Such a high update frequency makes it difficult for players to forget it. This is also one of the reasons why this game has been so popular for so many years. After all, it is really quite active compared with other games.

Is it helpful for Students learning?

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Yes, it can bring many improvements to students

1. Creativity.

It greatly promotes children’s creativity, which is the reason why humans have been able to develop to this day.

2. Scientific interest.

In games, real electronic products can be created, and basic components of computers can be created. This has sparked a great interest in electronic science among children.

3. Planning Ability.

In the survival mode of the game, reasonable planning of time, items, etc. can help oneself develop faster. This gives children the ability to plan their own life path and study time. Setting rules and directions for one’s own life is an ability that the vast majority of modern people do not possess.

4. Programming.

Most children want to learn programming knowledge after playing ‘My World’. This is also extremely beneficial for children, as they not only learn an additional skill but also exercise their logical thinking ability


Overall Speaking, Minecraft providecreatingic elements of a world, just like giving you a pile of blocks. How you play depends on your imagination. It is the aggregation of all game types. You are both a farmer and a king. Behind the simple sandbox game, there is human wisdom and the heart to create miracles

In Minecraft, players can freely play with their imagination and creativity, making it educational, and it has also entered the campus as a “computer course” for students. It’s better to play with your kid!

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