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Scratch S4



Number of Lessons
Suitable for age
Programming language
Programming knowledge

24 lessons
Once a week, 60 min/lesson
7-13 years old
Arithmetic sequence, Variables, Multiple condition judgment, Detection, Algorithm, Physical motion, etc.

组 597

24 lessons
1 lesson/week

组 599

once a week
60 min/ lesson

组 602

7-13 years old

组 604


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Why should we learn Scratch?

Scratch is currently the most widely used visual programming language, developed by MIT and Google. Replacing the complex syntax in coding, Scratch is programming with graphical representation. Children don’t need to understand English or even use a keyboard. By learning Scratch, children can master skills like basic programming logic, relational reasoning, mathematical concepts, etc.

By having the children create their own storybooks, animations, and games, Scratch helps sharpen children’s logical thinking, creativity, and imagination. It also cultivates their self-learning awareness and teamwork ability, etc.

Highlights of CampusTop Scratch Course

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Scientific Method of Teaching

The original animation series makes learning a drama-watching experience. It helps reduce the difficulty while inspiring children’s interest in learning programming so they can easily keep it up. 

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Practical operation Application

Inspired by PBL teaching ideas, programming knowledge is well combined with project practice in the course, so that children can put what they have learned into action and improve their problem-solving ability.

Course content

Consisting of four stages (S1-S4) and forty-eight teaching hours for each stage, Scratch is a scientific graphical programming system suitable for teenagers. Children will start from the basic logic to develop their interests and potential in programming. Throughout the project practices, their learning outcomes will be proven, which offers them solid abilities in logical thinking, innovation, and problem-solving.

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S1 Basic building blocks and logic

Coordinates, Repeated loop, Condition judgment, Cloning,random numbers, Logic operations, etc.

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Master knowledge of scratch

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Complete simple animation, Game production

S2 Progression and promotion

Object-oriented, Strings, Center points, Lists, Branch nesting, Loudness, etc.

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Master the advanced use of command blocks

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Independently create games,  Animations, Stories sequence

S3 Discipline integration and application

Angle, Probability, Voltage, Resistance, Binary, Recursion, Polygon, etc.

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The combination of programming and multidisciplinary application 

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Solve the practical problems of daily life with programming

S4 Project game production

Arithmetic sequence, Variables, Multiple condition judgment, Detection, Algorithm, Physical motion, etc.

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Learn methods of problem decomposition, Pattern recognition, Abstraction, etc

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Comprehensive use of programming


Lesson 1 Arcane ScrollUnderstand the law of caesar password
Use strings to solve puzzles
Lesson 2 Evil LegionThe control of variables
Lesson 3 Escape a Black HoleRow and column applications in programming
The control of variables
Lesson 4 Rescue ChernoCombination of conditional detection and local variables
Lesson 5 Endless MazeInitialization of the clone location
Movement rules for different clones
Rebound effect processing
Lesson 6 Typing GamesConfirm variable location
Application of string
Lesson 7 Secret MissionAdd, delete, change and check the list
Making lists using programs
Lesson 8 Once More! Earth WarriorUse of lists of random numbers
Application of local variables
Lesson 9 Kashuk’s StarComplex use of variables and lists
Find the maximum and minimum values
Lesson 10 TheLast FightCoordinates and lists
Lesson 11 Plant DefenseUse of variable locks
Queue application of lists
Lesson 12 Plant DefenseAdvanced use of private variables
Knowledge of multiple programming languages
Lesson 13 Food Feast The creation and use of custom blocks
Lesson 14 Home RebuildSet parameters in custom blocks
Lesson 15 Mecha GameCustom boolean values in blocks
Lesson 16 The Heart of the EnergyCustom recursive usage of blocks
Lesson 17 Intelligent MazeNested use of custom blocks
Lesson 18 Pac-manComprehensive use of custom building blocks
Sprite movement in python
Lesson 19 Battle ReadyUnderstand order search
Design order search by programming
Lesson 20 Sneak inApplication of string
Lesson 21 The Final NightSort
Lesson 22 The Dawn of Victory(Part1)Comprehensive programming
Lesson 23 The Dawn of Victory(Part2)Comprehensive programming
Lesson 24 The Dawn of Victory(Part3)Comprehensive programming
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