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Kids Programming K2



Number of Lessons
Suitable for age
Programming language
Programming knowledge

48 lessons
Once a week, 30 min/lesson
4-6 years old, zero-based kids
Visual programming
Decomposition, Pattern recognition, Character, Data and data structure, Algorithm, Debugging, Loop, Selection, Event, Abstraction, Function, Boolean judgment.

组 597

48 lessons
in each level

组 599

once a week
30 min/ lesson

组 602

4-6 years old

组 604

visual programming

Awareness on Preschool Programming Series Courses

The course includes 96 lessons, including two levels – K1 and K2, and it is based on Computer Science Teachers Association K12 Computer Science Standards (CSTA-K12 CS), the K12 stage computer science standard published by the American Association of Computer Science Teachers. Its purpose is to help K12 teachers and parents understand the basic rules and characteristics of the learning and development of children and to determine reasonable expectations for their growth. The guide involves seven courses in five fields: (1) health, (2) language, (3) art, (4) society, and (5) science. Our curriculum will encompass computational thinking and supplement more knowledge to the standards, creating a genuinely interdisciplinary computational thinking course.
12 programming knowledge points

Decomposition, Pattern recognition, Character, Data and data structure, Algorithm, debugging, Loop, Selection, Event, Abstraction, Function, Boolean judgment

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Computational thinking
Preliminary understanding of the program design
Development of solutions to different problems
Interdisciplinary thinking
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Lesson 1The Witch’s Candy House1. Shape decomposition
2. Decomposition
Lesson 2Cake Party1. Shape division
2. Decomposition
Lesson 3Defend the Shape Kingdom1. Shape composing
2. Decomposition
Lesson 4The Toothache of the Little Tiger1. Shape patterns
2. Pattern recognition
Lesson 5Riddles in a Desert1. Shape patterns
2. Pattern recognition
Lesson 6The Dead Elf Valley1. Shape patterns
2. Pattern recognition
Lesson 7Bee and Butterfly (1)1. Classification
2. Character
Lesson 8Bee and Butterfly (2)1. Classification
2. Character strings
Lesson 9The Mystery of the Grocery1. Multiple classification
2. Character strings
Lesson 10The Animals on the Farm1. Number comparison
2. Data structure — set
Lesson 11Repair the Farm Fences1. Length comparison
2. Data structure — linear Structure
Lesson 12A Bumper Harvest1. Weight comparison
2. Data structure—tree structure
Lesson 13Cody’s Plan(1)1. Numbers 1-20
2. Multiple algorithms
Lesson 14Cody’s Plan(2)1. Addition within 20
2. Learn about optimal solution
Lesson 15Cody’s Plan(3)1. Addition within 20
2. Design an algorithm for the optimal solution
Lesson 16Prepare for Winter1. Grid games
2. Debug
Lesson 17Repair the Rail Tracks1. Shape-to-shape connections
2. Debug
Lesson 18Jealous Fox1. Counting figures
2. Debug
Lesson 19Treasure Search Adventure1. Row
2. Counting loop
Lesson 20Treasure Search Adventure1. Column
2. Counting loop
Lesson 21Treasure Search Adventure1. Row and column
2. Counting loop
Lesson 22Take Back the Power Gems1. Sudoku rule
2. Repeat until loop
Lesson 23Take Back the Power Gems1. The application of the sudoku rules
2. Repeat until loop
Lesson 24The Candy Maze1. Cracking number sudoku
2. Application of counting loop and repeat until loop
Lesson 25The Treasure Search Team1. Even number and odd number
2. Conditional statement if then block
Lesson 26The Adventure in the Desert1. Superposition
2. Conditional statement if then block
Lesson 27A Mystery Juice Store1. Learn about enumeration methods
2. The application of multiple if statements
Lesson 28Win the Football Game1. Learn about cube and cuboid
2. the application of if statements
Lesson 29The Castle Wall Defense1. Observation from multiple angles
2. Nested structure
Lesson 30Game Designer1. Learn about the dice
2. The application of coditional blocks
Lesson 31The Clown Haller1. Mind mapping
2. Nested Structure
Lesson 32Bad things happened1. 90-degree rotation
2. Event
Lesson 33The Rescue Plan1. Clockwise and anticlockwise
2. Event
Lesson 34A Strange Actor1. Circular cone
2. Event block
Lesson 35Find the Moon Goddess1. Day and night alternation pattern
2. Event
Lesson 36Time Adventure1. Learn about the clock
2. Event blocks
Lesson 37The Formation of a Rainbow1. The conditions for forming a rainbow
2. Event blocks
Lesson 38The Ants Disappear1. Counting in groups
2. Abstraction
Lesson 39String the Beads1. Number pattern within 20
2. Abstraction
Lesson 40Build a Set of Stairs1. Increasing pattern
2. Abstraction
Lesson 41Forest Guardians1. Decreasing pattern
2. Abstraction
Lesson 42The Shape Kingdom Losing Its Colors1. Arrangement in patterns
2. Abstraction
Lesson 43Car Engineer1. Double pattern
2. Abstraction
Lesson 44Escape from Cannibals1. Visual reasoning
2. Function
Lesson 45The Number Puzzle1. Numerical reasoning
2. Function
Lesson 46The Heist on the Western Express1. Logical reasoning(1)
2. Function
Lesson 47The School Sports Meeting1. Logical reasoning(1)
2. Function
Lesson 48Move TogetherRenew
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