10 After-School Activities to Consider for Your Child in 2024

Children running to their after-school activities

In 2024, the landscape of after-school activities for young children continues to evolve, blending traditional pursuits with innovative options that reflect the changing interests and needs of today’s youth. This blog article explores a variety of popular after-school activities that cater to different interests, abilities, and developmental needs of young children. 1. Coding and Robotics […]

3 Outdoor Activities that Reinforce Computational Thinking

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Learning different things can be very fascinating for children. They are like empty buckets that slowly fill up with knowledge and skills over time as they progress through life. As part of their childhood experiences, they are expected to venture into numerous activities and explore unknown things experimentally. In the digital age, their fascination has […]

6 Common Coding Hurdles Young Children Face in Coding Education and How to Overcome Them

parent with child overcoming coding hurdles together.

As our world becomes increasingly digital, coding, or the ability to communicate with computers, emerges as an essential skill. Like any language, it’s easier absorbed at a younger age. But just like learning a new spoken language or mastering a musical instrument, young children often encounter obstacles in their coding journey. Here’s a deep dive […]

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